What Does it Mean To Work With A Designer-Planner? | My Design Process

Unfortunately my job is foreign to a lot of people. They know what a wedding or event planner does or have a good idea. But, when you hire me you aren't getting just a planner, you are getting a designer. In fact design is my specialty. My goal is to take you from Pinterest overwhelm to crying at your wedding because it was better than anything you could have ever imagined. You know what you want or are pretty darn close to it but you don't know how to get there. I can help and here is how I do it. (I have included photos from Tiara & Ike's design process and actual wedding to help explain).

I meet with my clients and really listen about what they are saying and sometimes not saying. For my wedding couples I ask a lot of questions to pinpoint what their specific style is. I ask questions like what style the decor is in their home, where they shop for clothes and what brands they are drawn to to name a few. My goal is to understand what style makes them happy and best represents them individually and as a couple. It is important to me that my client's weddings and events are a representation and celebration of who they are. I feel strongly about this because it is a big part of why I started my business and why I love this work. Life and love are very much worth celebrating and I don't want the celebration to be generic. 

How I start. I start by seeing a few photos from my clients. This can be four pictures or an entire Pinterest board. I have the ability to look at several random photos and decide what the common factor is. Maybe I can see that you love romantic floral arrangements but a pop-of-color is what you are really drawn to. Maybe I see that you like a lot of greenery or none at all. Maybe I see that you are drawn to a certain color and I help you incorporate that into your design.

After I go through a design questionnaire and talk with you and see your inspiration photos I start creating your design plan. This part of the process is what takes the longest. I search through so many different images and select the ones that communicate the vision. My design plan includes a color palette and a break-down of each main component of your event. For my wedding clients it will start with the color palette, the fashion, the paper goods, the ceremony decor, cocktail hour, reception design, floral inspiration (or a full break down if I am doing their florals), transportation and send-off. Within those main components I incorporate ideas for details. For example, suggesting specialty rental items, a unique escort display, lounge area, photo opportunity (custom backdrop, props, photo booth), a dessert display, specialty drink and more! It depends on each individual client, their priorities and the space I am designing in. 

Below is Tiara & Ike's actual wedding compared to the design board I created them. 

I present the design plan to my clients. This is a digital look book that explains each component that I listed above and sometimes more. This is a very helpful tool for my clients for several reasons. It helps them see how I am taking their inspiration photos and creating a cohesive plan that they can visualize. When they are able to visually see my vision planned out it helps them. It is also a great resource for my clients when they are meeting with their other vendors. My clients can reference the design plan and show their vendors so they can clearly see a defined style and vision and can stay within that specific concept. By doing that you are more likely to have a more cohesive design because everyone is on the same page aesthetically. 

Scroll through my design plan for Tiara & Ike's wedding below.

Once this design plan is approved by my clients I begin making it happen for them. I am reserving rental items, securing vendors that I know will do a great job and fit the look of the wedding or event and a lot of other behind the scenes work you will never know about. I also love create design mock-ups for my clients so they can again visualize how it will all look and make any changes to the design if needed. 

On the day of the wedding or event I style all the details and components that we designed and planned. After all the careful thought I put into this design I have a very good understanding of your goal for the look of the event and can make that happen for you. In some cases even after all that careful thought and design planning I have to take the initiative to make design changes. I know that in most cases my clients will be okay with these changes because they trust me to know what they want. (If it is a major change I consult my clients without stressing them, don't worry!) I put careful thought into where and how I style each detail and it is important to know that you can trust my vision. 

I hope this helps you understand my process and what you are getting by hiring a designer and planner. I help you take your inspiration and create a meaningful wedding or event that celebrates your story and individual style. If this sounds like just what you need contact me and let's work together!