Amber Veatch Designs Editorial Photo Styling

Editorial Photo Styling by Amber Veatch Designs

Photo taken by  Laura Foote  of me styling an editorial that was published on  The Perfect Palette

Photo taken by Laura Foote of me styling an editorial that was published on The Perfect Palette

If you've been around here a while you know that I produce a lot of photo shoots. Styling for me is an art form that completely fires me up. I have had several people ask me how I do them, why I do them, what my process is and how they can work with me. First of all I am honored, thank you for your interest. I hope this gives you some insight on this service.

Who is photo styling is for?

Editorial photo styling can be for a product or a brand. One of my favorite jobs was producing  a photo shoot for the popsicle brand Backyard Pops. Ashlee  came to me with her marketing goals, explained her brand and I took it from there. I created two different looks to showcase how amazing it is to have Backyard Pops at your wedding or event. I designed a wedding cocktail party showcasing Backyard Pops passed with cocktails or as a midnight snack. I gave wardrobe suggestions and handled finding a wedding dress (from my friends at Ivory & Beau), I styled the props to communicate this and gave creative direction on site during the photo shoot with Couture Studios. Because she now has quality photos to communicate that in her marketing she is more likely to book events and weddings which was her goal.


I loved working with Erin Whitman of Erin Whitman Photo Arte to style her branding photo session with Esther Louise Photography. Erin rebranded and wanted photos that encompassed her romantic, whimsicial and botanical brand. I sourced a lot of romantic candle light, a lot of greenery and florals from Shea Hopely Flowers which were very important in communicating her brand. I styled the props and florals for Erin and stayed on site to readjust things and offer creative direction. I am also able to give prelimary wardrobe suggestions and arrange hair and makeup.


Photo Styling can be for your lifestyle photo session such as your family or engagement photos. I can help scout a location, arrange or suggest photographers and hair and make up artists. I also give prelimenary wardrobe suggestions that coordiante well and represnt your personal style or suggest professional fashion stylist for more in depth help. I can create custom signage and props if needed and style them on location. I will be available during the sessioin to give creative direction along side the photographer. 

I loved styling for  Couture Studios ' mini sessions. Lucky for me my kids got to be in the photos too! 

I loved styling for Couture Studios' mini sessions. Lucky for me my kids got to be in the photos too! 

Editorial Photo Styling can help you get published and gain exposure. I am fortunate to have been published in multiple differenet media outlets such as wedding and event blogs, magazines, television shows and social media. My process for this is either taking my inspiration or taking direct requests from these publications and creating inspiration that they can publish. I love collaborating with other professionals to make these photo shoots successful. 

My Process

amberveatchdesignsdesign board

Once I have inspiration for the photo shoot I start by creating a color palette. These colors are my reference point to all the other details that need to be chosen. I then create an inspiration board. This board is never something I replicate but base my ideas off of. It communicates the feel I want to recreate. After I have designed the inpspiration board and it is approved I get to work on booking vendors, find the perfect location and source details and props. Usually this means a lot of shopping happens or I just walk out to my garage and pull from my own collection in order to find the perfect details . On shoot day I pack up my car and am amazed how much more I can fit in there than the last time. I set up the props, flowers, signs and decor keeping in mind the inspiration board I created. Keep in mind this is 80% of my job, the schlepping. On location during the shoot I work with the photographer to suggest certain shots, poses or angles. Most of the time I don't have to suggest too many things because the photographers I work with are so amazing and they nail it. If this is an editorial session I can work with the photographer post production to narrow down the top photos. I can suggest what publication would be a good fit to submit it to and guide the photographer in doing so.

I love how creative I can be in this role. I enjoy helping people tell a certain story through styling. If you are interested in hiring me for photo styling I would love to hear more about it! Contact me to get on my schedule!